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Dear         friends,
             It is an honor and a pleasure to be able to address all of you in this my first letter as General Manager of Vicinay
Jesus Navas  Cadenas S.A.. I would first like to publicly acknowledge the excellent work carried out by Luis Cañada during the last
             twenty five years in this company and personally thank him for all the wise advice given during that time. This work,
             together with the network of emotalent of the people in the company, as he refers to it, has allowed Vicinay Cadenas
             S.A. to remain, during two decades, as the tip of the spear in the world of mooring lines.
             The center of our activity is, and will continue to be, to satisfy the needs of our customers, always giving priority to
             actively listening so as to understand their present and future needs. In this way we can anticipate their requirements
             and adjust our company´s efforts to meet them. This catalog is dedicated to them and we hope it will be the thread
             that connects all of us to an ongoing cycle of improvement so that we provide the products and solutions necessary
             in the years ahead.
             In this catalog we have tried to set out in a clear and concise manner the often complex work we undertake on a daily
             basis. In VCSA, we have always sought to be at the very limits of what is possible and quite often we have surpassed
             them. The people that make up VCSA understand that this way of viewing our business is what makes us the vanguard
             of mooring line manufacturing.
             A pivotal driver that moves VCSA is to learn from past challenges. We view these challenges as an opportunity
             for improvement that enables us to apply lessons learned to create a more robust company. Several of the designs,
             technologies or management models mentioned in this catalog have resulted from lessons learned.
             Most recently, VCSA has created Vicinay Marine Innovation, a company devoted exclusively to research, development
             and innovation. This lets us channel innovation in such a way that the needs of our customers and our ideas of how
             to solve any inherent problems come together as quickly as possible. In the same way, VCSA has chosen to continue
             development of the excellent management model from the leaders of the European Foundation for Quality Management
             EFQM, reinforcing those aspects relating to Environmental Responsibility, which is one of our first concerns when we
             design our products, as an ongoing commitment to Social Responsibility.
              It is difficult in a single catalog to show all the capabilities of our company and for this reason we would appreciate
             any input from you as to how we can improve it and, above all, invite you to get to know us.
             Jesus Navas
             VCSA Managing Director

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