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Vicinay              The result of sustained effort and innovation over 200 years by one generation
   Marine               after another of the Vicinay family has made Vicinay Marine the world leader
    Group               in the manufacture of mooring lines for the offshore industry.

                        VICINAY CADENAS
                         Bilbao - Galdames

   RAMNÄS BRUK          VICINAY MARINE      VICINAY MARINE  Today, Vicinay Marine has more than 600 people
        Ramnäs                  S.L.          INNOVACIÓN    working for the group and is represented world-wide.
        Sweden                                     Bilbao   Exporting to more than 30 countries, its production is
                                                   Spain    recognised as the standard looked for by the offshore
                                                            and marine industries.
                FMAC    BRASILAMARRAS                       Vicinay manufactures and supplies specialised
                Foshan         Niteroi                      equipment for mooring line connections.
                China           Brazil                      Vicinay Marine, becomes the first producer mooring
                                                            lines worldwide, providing solutions tailored to meet
                                                            the needs of each customer family experience Vicinay
                                                            along more than 200 years of work and effort, Vicinay
                                                            Marine has achieved a world leader in the supply
                                                            chain and mooring lines for offshore industry.

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