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Capacities  From its very beginnings, Vicinay Cadenas has made great efforts to increase
               and upgrade its production capacities with the decisive goal of meeting the
               growing demands of the market with a solid commitment to the safety and
               quality of all its products.

               For this reason, we have made significant          Thus Vicinay Cadenas offers an wide portfolio
               investments both in research and technology        of products, highlighted by Gigachains (chains
               to be able to supply chains and accessories of     of up to 200mm diameter in any grade) and any
               any size and grade in the shortest possible time.  type of forged accessory.

               Manufacturing Plants

               Vicinay Cadenas has at its disposal two principal production facilities: the
               chain fabrication plant located in Bilbao and the forged accessories plant in
               Galdames, about 30 kilometers from Bilbao. Both facilities have the best and
               latest technologies so that the fabrication of our products can be carried out
               in the optimal conditions of safety and quality with minimum impact on the

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