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Standard arragement
for ships

Standard arrangement for ships


01 L. Length with normal links only

02L. Length with enlarged and end links at both ends

03L. Length with enlarged and end links at one end

04L. Length with swivel shackle, with normal links at both ends

05L. Length with swivel shackle, with end link at one end

06A. Normal adaptor piece

08F. Swivel shackle with 4 links (forerunner)

09F. Swivel shackle with 4 links (forerunner)

10F. Swivel shackle with 4 links (forerunner)

11F. Swivel shackle wih 3 links

Marine Chains

Vicinay Cadenas supplies a wide range of anchor chain up to 132mm dia. together with accesories and anchors for the shipping industry. The traditional high quality of our products is well known and preferred by the major shipping companies.

With our own factory in China, quality is linked to the competitive prices required for this market.


  Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3
Quality assurance NR NR NR
Ultimate Tensile Strength 45 310 74 490 100 690
  Ksi Mpa Ksi Mpa Ksi Mpa
Reduction of area            
Elongation 25% (1) 22% 17% (4)
Impact values average in base * (2) * (3) 0º C (5)
Material charpy v-notch 44 59
  ftlbs J


  • (1) When tensille strength is between 310 Mpa and 400 Mpa elongation 30%
  • (2) For DNV at room temperature 27 Joules
  • (3) For DNV at 0º C 27 Joules
  • (4) For DNV Weld zone 14%
  • (5) For DNV Weld zone 49 Joules

Mpa = N/mm

For more details check the rules

Stud Common Link

fig 102

Stud Enlarged Link

fig 103

End Link

fig 104

Standard Shackles

Marine Joining Shackle D Type

fig 107

Marine Anchor Shackle D Type

fig 108

Marine End Joining Shackle D Type

fig 109

Kenter Shackle

fig 105/1

Special Shackles



fig 110

Swivel Shackle A Type

fig 507-A

Swivel Shackle B Type

fig 507-B

Swivel Shackle

fig 710



Other stockless anchors



fig 113


fig 603

AB Stockless

fig 401

AC 14

fig 402


fig 115

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