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Mooring installation for Gjøa.
Courtesy of Aker Solutions.

Each link in our chain, represents an important milestone in our history


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  • 2000 Start of the Fatigue Project in collaboration with Labein.
  • 2004 Start of the SSC and fracture mechanics project with Prof. Arana.
  • 2006 New Engineering Department opened under Jonathan Fernández.
  • 2006 Inauguration of Galdames, the new forging plant.
  • 2007 New procedure for heat treatment using thermocouples controling all steps in the process (heating and cooling).
  • 2007 New concept for manufacturing D type Shackles using a complete piece for mechanical test. After VCSA, clasification society rules include our improvements in their rules.
  • 2009 Creation of Vicinay Marine.
  • 2010 Creation de Vicinay Marine innovación.
  • 2011 New design tool to maintain the geometry of D type Shackles during the heat treatment process
  • 2011-2012 Big inversions for Offshore shackles manufacturing.
  • 2012 New Testing Machine of 4000 tons.
  • 2015 New machine to increase the quality of the marking and innovation in metal levels of bundles
  • 2015 iforja tool for integral control of the industrial process
  • 2015 VCSA fatigue test certified by DNV for slim kenter R5


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  • 2002 Delivery of Na Ki Ka project with TSA / TSC coatings for accesories
  • 2002 Delivery of Holstein project - .171 mm. Dia. R4.
  • 2003 Delivery of Thunder Horse project - 9,000 tons (chain and accesories).
  • 2005 First manufacturer approved by ABS, DNV, LRS to manufacture R5.
  • 2005 / 2006 Contracts for more than 30,000 tons (chain and accesories) of R4S & R5 products.
  • 2006 The first project with ROV solution.
  • 2009 Delivery of the first sockets for the Nan Hai Fai Xia project.
  • 2011 Delivery of the first accesories project identified under the RFID system.
  • 2012 Solution to connect 84mm with 165 mm diameters chain R5 grade for Goliat Project.
  • 2012 Accesories for Goliat projects with more than 5t/unit.
  • 2012 H shackles of 165 mm R5 grade for Goliat Project.
  • 2012 H shackles of 165 mm R4S grade for Jack st Malo Project.
  • 2014 more than 500t of shackles for Itchis project (161&178) R4 quality
  • 2014 Two new connectors for Itchis project.
  • 2014 New products: ILMC and Unijoint for Shell Stones Project
  • 2015 Prelude project, more than 300t accesories 175 R4 (some designs with TSA coating)
  • 2015 More than five big projects with ROV solutions.
  • 2015 Solution with a new conector for Appomatox project.
  • 2016 Hywind project, the most important project for eolic industry with more than 100t of accesories R4S quality.

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